Information, when properly transmitted, comprises intelligibility, the first condition needed to comprehend

Edgar Morin


“The desire to acquire knowledge is the key to our success as a species”

Carl Sagan

Short Andalusian Stories (2020)

Detecting Sexist Violence (2020)

AIMED (2020)

Choqui, what would you like to play? (2019)

ESTEEM3 (2019)

For a Greener Carnival (2017 to date)

Lyandel's Heroes (2017)

Sea monsters, between reality and myth (2015)

Coastal salt pans (2014)

Science in comic (2014-2017)

Thanks to the Carnival!

Aponiente (2015)

Arrobadas. Dos mujeres a la carta (2013)

Mozafir. The emotional landscape of two shores (2013)

Carnival of Cádiz for children (2013)

The Great Adventure: Cádiz 1812 (2012)

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    If you want your message to be understood and reach others, visual elements key! Although translating concepts into illustrations is not always easy, at The Pilot Dog we are experts in creating and designing that fun and close image that will make your communications 100% effective.

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    We all have things to tell, although we are not always clear on how to do it. That's where we can help you! At The Pilot Dog we dig into your ideas and give them shape so that you can communicate everything you want in the way you want.

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    Making topics that are not always easy to understand more enjoyable and accessible to all audiences is another of our specialties. That is why we take care of explaining them through illustrations, simple texts and a lot of creativity. So that all of us can understand a little better science, culture, the environment, feminism, or any other content that comes to mind. We really want to create so come with us!

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Juan José Domínguez

Illustration and design

Francisco Asencio

Illustration and design

Iván Cano

Communication and editing

Our involvement in projects goes far beyond mere collaboration.

We are an illustration and design studio in which we know that it is essential to know our clients well in order to do our best work. That is why we offer you a close and personalized treatment. We believe that the ideal way to develop a project is to sit down to talk, to listen to the ideas that you bring us and identify what your needs are, giving you the best solution, in addition to working side by side with you throughout the creative process. If you are clear about what you want, perfect; But as specialists we can also advise you and offer you the most appropriate options for what you want to communicate. In addition, we always take into account your budget, so that no one invests more time and money than necessary, and we are open to adapt the product to your possibilities. Bring us your ideas, we will make them come true.


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