“The desire to acquire knowledge is the key to our success as a species”

Carl Sagan

Short Andalusian Stories (2020)

Detecting Sexist Violence (2020)

AIMED (2020)

Choqui, what would you like to play? (2019)

ESTEEM3 (2019)

For a Greener Carnival (2017 to date)

Lyandel's Heroes (2017)

Sea monsters, between reality and myth (2015)

Coastal salt pans (2014)

Science in comic (2014-2017)

Thanks to the Carnival!

Aponiente (2015)

If you have a dream (2015)

Arrobadas. Dos mujeres a la carta (2013)

Mozafir. The emotional landscape of two shores (2013)

Carnival of Cádiz for children (2013)

The Great Adventure: Cádiz 1812 (2012)

Educating from the root.